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My name is Shana


As a dog behaviorist, I’m here to stress the utmost importance of. socializing your beloved furry companion with other dogs. Ensuring proper socialization is a fundamental aspect of raising a well-balanced dog and promoting their overall happiness and well-being.

Dogs are pack animals by nature, and their interactions with other dogs play a vital role in helping them understand their position within a social hierarchy. Just like humans, dogs thrive when they have positive relationships and can communicate effectively with their peers. By engaging in regular socialization experiences, your dog learns valuable social skills and gains confidence in various social settings.

As a dog behaviorist, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative effects of proper socialization on dogs of all breeds and ages. From playful puppies to mature dogs, socialization allows them to navigate the world around them with ease and grace.

One of the significant benefits of socializing your dog is preventing behavioral issues that may arise from fear or aggression towards other dogs. A well-socialized dog is more likely to be friendly, calm, and adaptable in different environments, making outings and encounters with other animals and people much more enjoyable for both of you.

At Petservice, we understand the significance of socialization in a dog’s life, and we are dedicated to helping your furry friend become a happy and well-adjusted member of the doggy community. As a dog behaviorist, I work closely with our team to ensure that each dog receives personalized attention and guidance during their socialization experiences.

We offer specialized day care services designed to provide a safe and supervised environment for dogs to interact, play, and learn from one another. Our professional dog walkers also play a crucial role in the socialization process. During their outings, your dog will have the opportunity to encounter various dogs in a controlled and structured manner, building positive relationships and fostering positive behaviors.

Whether your dog is a playful pup or a bit shy around others, our team is trained to handle various personalities and tailor socialization experiences to suit your dog’s needs. We believe that every dog deserves a chance to form lasting connections and enjoy a rich social life.


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Our Services

Petservice is your reliable alternative when you cannot be there for your furry companions, and we are here to provide expert assistance with any behavior issues they may face. Our mission is to offer exceptional pet care services, and we take pride in providing four key services: Dog walking, Day care, Dog Hotel, and Dog behaviorism.

Dog Behaviour

As a dog behaviorist, my mission is to foster harmony between dogs and their families. I offer tailored solutions for behavioral issues, using positive reinforcement techniques to strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners. Together, let’s create a happier life for you and your furry friend.

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Our daycare service provides a safe and enjoyable environment for dogs, alleviating boredom and anxiety when owners are away. With ample playtime and socialization, we ensure dogs receive exercise, mental stimulation, and companionship throughout the day.

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Dog Hotel

With a cozy farm setting and personal care from a passionate dog lover, we provide a comfortable stay for your furry friend. Our spacious facilities, exciting activities, and dedicated attention ensure a happy and healthy experience. Book now for a reliable and trustworthy Dog Hotel that treats your dog like family.

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Dog Walking

Petservice offers professional dog walking to keep your furry friend happy and healthy when you’re not home. Our experienced walkers provide customized walks for exercise, mental stimulation, and socialization, reducing unwanted behaviors. Schedule your dog’s first walk and give them the care they deserve.

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Chaque jour Xana est attendue avec impatience pour ses belles promenades au sein d’une équipe superbe de chiens. Avec sa longue expérience elle gère les promenades ainsi que le dog sitting à sa maison, toujours, avec un air souriant et sa bonne humeur. Mes chiens et moi pouvons seulement la recommander.


by Martine, dogwalking, dog training and dog boarding client


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